Illuminate Your Space With a Bright Ceiling

Get cathedral ceiling painting services in Antioch & Lindenhurst, IL

Dull, dark ceilings can make your room look smaller than it is. Bright ceilings create the illusion of a bigger, taller space.

S D Interior Painting in Antioch and Lindenhurst, IL offers ceiling painting for flat and vaulted ceilings. With over 40 years of interior painting experience, I know what it takes to paint hard-to-reach places. With professional cathedral ceiling painting services, you can transform the way your room looks and feels.

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Put down the paintbrush and hire a professional

Put down the paintbrush and hire a professional

Cathedral ceiling painting can be dangerous if you aren’t a skilled professional. Turn to my painting company because…

  • I don’t use bulky scaffolding in your home.
  • I carefully paint around recess lighting and fixtures.
  • I can paint ceiling beams for added detail.

Schedule an on-site consultation today and I’ll provide you with a free ceiling painting estimate.